School of Systems and Technology  
Based on the findings of a market study conducted for the purpose, BITS invested in the establishment of its School of Systems & Technology (SS&T). The School aims at contributing to the ongoing effort to tackle the dearth of skilled and knowledgeable professionals and specialists, at both technical and managerial levels, to harness information technology and systems for competitiveness and performance development.

Our Mission

Our Mission
To produce highly employable and entrepreneurial graduates for the service industry sector in general and the information technology sector in particular, targeting the requirements in respect of information technology consulting, information technology service management, and software development.


The Faculty at the School of Systems and Technology are high level professionals who have the necessary knowledge, experience, commitment and passion to make unsolicited contribution to the advancement of excellence in information technology.

Team of Management
The Team of management at the School of Systems and Technology is made up of professionals that have created an impressive reputation in both business and information technology related fields backed by the character, experience, hard work and dedication.


  • Associate Professor – 2
  • Assistant Professor – 6
  • Graduate Assistant – 4
  • Research Assistant – 2
  • Lecturer – 5
  • Librarian – 3